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Communities Grant Success Helping To Reduce Homelessness Among Veterans.

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

The Goorambat Veterans' Retreat has been successful in securing a grant of $15,000 from the Indi Stronger Communities Programme (Round 7). Our thanks go out to Helen Haines MP, the Independent Federal Member for Indi, for her assistance and support of our application. These funds are to be used to complete an ensuite bathroom, and install A/C and floor coverings into the first of our 5 crisis accommodation cabins. Providing all goes to plan, we should see this cabin being made available to Veterans from mid-May this year.

This will be a real milestone for our overall accommodation project and we hope that this momentum can continue this year and deliver all 5 cabins into the hands of our Veterans and families by the end of 2022. Our Committee is working hard to submit grant applications, conduct fundraising activities and raise donations for our Veteran cause.

We welcome your support in this journey, you might like to help out by volunteering for our working-bees, by making a tax deductible donation yourself or by simply highlighting our cause to others that may like to assist. Our website can guide you further on your chosen path.

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