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Wellbeing Support &
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This is very much tailored to the individual need and can encompass, but is not limited to; access to on-site short term crisis accommodation, help overcoming immediate financial distress, connection with support programs, on-site or off-site peer connection or participation in small group workshops and activities.

Wellbeing support and health promotion might be as simple as bringing a caravan to the Retreat, staying in the onsite tent or pods for a short while.   In can be meeting and talking to others, or it may involve a full range of other service tailored to  a person(s) needs.

What our Vets are saying.....

Susan said: “

As a single mother, I could never find the time to deal with my own health issues once I discharged from the Navy.  I initially drove up to Goorambat to speak with Phil about my DVA matters. What started as a simple day trip turned into a memorable camping experience for the kids and I. They made us feel so welcome, as if we had known them for years. After kicking the footy on the oval next door, the kids helped Jo make pizzas for dinner, vegemite and cheese even, what a treat that was.
The Visitors tent is such a great idea for those of us not owning such equipment.  That one random night away was a real circuit breaker for me, and my boys can’t wait to go back to find that drop bear! My claims have since been accepted by DVA and I am now getting the appropriate health treatment. I am a great supporter of the work that the Retreat does for our Veterans.

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