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The Goorambat Veterans Retreat Inc. emergency accommodation program aims to provide on-site, short term emergency and ‘time-out’ accommodation for Australian Defence Force Veterans, their immediate family members and carers. This ‘time-out’ can assist Veterans alleviate a personal emergency such as a conflicting domestic situation, immediate unforeseen homelessness, financial hardship or the need to simply clear ones head in order to prepare a sustainable plan moving forward.


Our accommodation provides a supported, quiet and safe place away from distractions of a hectic life and allows Veterans to take a moment of solace while connecting with appropriate support measures.

What our Vets are saying.....

Cameron said:

“I found the tranquility of the Retreat gave me a real sense of inner peace and allowed me the mental space to take stock and reflect on my mental health. I arrived in a position of some mental anguish, having gone close to suicide, and the retreat provided me with work and activities that kept my hands busy, but slowed my mind. 
Your efforts in engaging with DVA have been instrumental in allowing me to reset my life, and reconnect with my children.”

How does the program work?

Our Well-being Advocates or other professional support agencies such as Open Arms, will work with the person(s) to address issues that contributed to the emergency. Aiming to resolve the immediate situation or connect with support services such as Open Arms, Ex-Service Organisations (ESO’s) such as the RSL, The Bravery Trust, Legacy, Soldier-On etc. 

Crisis support aims to reduce stress, improve the Veteran’s ability to cope with their current situation and alleviate any potential future emergencies. Immediately responding when difficulties seem overwhelming can save lives. In addition, emergency support prevents unsafe and damaging reactions to problems and creates opportunities for personal growth and change. Access may be up to 14 nights, depending on the circumstances. In exceptional cases, an extension for accommodation may be given. The emergency accommodation gives the person(s) time to arrange their alternative accommodation or support from other agencies.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for assistance under our program, the person must be in a emergency, need help, and be a current member of the ADF, a former member of the ADF, their partner or a dependent child.

Need Help?

You or your representative may call us on 03 90106066, and you will be assessed for eligibility and suitability. In addition, you must agree to engage with other support services to address the emergency, such as Open Arms case management support, or other Ex-Service Organisations if necessary. 

All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence and in accordance with the Privacy Act 1998.

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