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GVR 21 Fundraising Campaign

Are you passionate about supporting our Veterans and their families? Then you won't want to miss out our GVR21 Fundraising Campaign!


GVR21 is a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference by helping to offset the day-to-day operating costs of Goorambat Veterans Retreat.


By setting up a regular donation of $21 or any multiple of 21, you can help keep the lights on and the doors open for those have served our country. Help us today and make a lasting impact!

Wow, imagine the impact your recurring donation could make!

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With just $21, you could cover 50% of the cost for accommodation and meals for a Veteran in need for a day, or even our daily cost of consumables for the Retreat.


And with $42, you could cover 50% of the cost for a Veteran their family for accommodation and meals for a day.


Your generosity of $84 could cover our gas bill for a whole month, and with $210, you could provide fuel for a month for our vehicle and ground maintenance equipment.


And if you donate $420, you could cover our insurance bill for a whole month!


Every dollar counts towards making a difference in the lives of our Veterans.

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Where we use
your donations

Click here to donate via the GiveNow website

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