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Completed Projects  - SOLD_edited.jpg
Some of our completed work

We have achieved much in a relatively short time given the restrictions of Covid19 across 2020-2021.  Covid severely limited the opportunity for volunteer labour – many people wanted to come and help but restrictions in Victoria meant many could not get to us.  Those who did get here did great work, enjoyed their stay and helped the Retreat make good progress.

We have continued to provided crisis accommodation, advocacy services and time-out space for some veterans and/or their family members as we have progressively delivered on projects.

You can see some of our progress on the various photos across the website and in the short video on our Home Page.

Completed Projects - Kitchen - Before.jpg

Here is a list of some of the essential projects completed to date.

•    Purchased the old Goorambat Primary School.
•    Fitted out the communal kitchen and common room/lounge (old 1930 classroom).
•    Upgraded and fitted out the old schoolhouse office as an interim crisis accommodation room.
•    Completed the basic rehabilitation of the grounds from dustbowl to green space and gardens.
•    Erected a new maintenance shed with concrete floor.
•    Installed a 6kw solar system to help reduce operating costs.
•    Opened the Digger’s Wife Café in Goorambat opposite the silo art as a social enterprise benefitting both the Retreat          and the township.
•    Replaced the 160 metre western boundary security fence to provide improved site security and safety for Veteran’s              children and for Veteran’s Assistance and Companion dogs.
•    Built crisis accommodation Pod 1 to lockup stage and took delivery onto the site of three bare build, transportable              buildings in order to create a further 4 Crisis Accommodation Pods.
•    Resurfaced the entry driveway.
•    Completed basic upgrade of the electrical services by rewiring to current standards.
•    Purchased and installed a modern prefabricated single toilet and shower pod
•    Installed two water features.

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